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About Adpush

1. Why should I choose Adpush?

What you look for in an operational partner are reliability and expertise. That’s exactly what adpush gives you. With over 10 years of experience, we have helped various organizations achieve their goals, scale their operations and provide their business with an edge over the others in the market.

2. How we different?

What makes us unique is our army of in-house talent who when together can help you with any of your business needs. Adpush is the one-stop-shop for anything that you may ever require. From Digital Marketing to Development or Design, our in-house specialists are capable of providing all the solutions under one roof.

3. How to get started?

Call Us with any of our support team and we’ll get on a call with you. Let us know all your requirements along with the level of expertise and experience preferred. We will set you up with the best resources and help you get started.


Is the Ad Spend Included In the Fee?
The Ad Spend is separate from management fee. The Ad Spend goes to Google to place your ads on their Search Engine and the network of sites.
Campaign Creation
I create your campaigns to target high-intent customers
It’s so easy for small and medium businesses to waste money targeting the wrong customers without even knowing.
Setting your campaign to target specific areas and age span to pinpoint the right customers for your business.

Let us help make your ad spend go further.

Can you guarantee sales?
No, I can only guarantee targeted traffic, clicks, and views. Purchasing power is only in the hands of the visitor and it cannot be controlled. Sales will depend on your landing page, your product/service, pricing, competition and other marketing variables.
Does your Fee include the Ad budget (cost per result)?
No, my fee separate from your dedicated cost per result and monthly budget.
Spend less but get more sales
Targeting the correct customers will not only save you from wasted ad clicks but also is more likely to generate more sales for you.

Web Development

How can I see your portfolio?
I have design and developed many website with complete satisfaction of my clients. Please contact me I’ll be send you my detailed portfolio.
Can I edit my website without any technical knowledge?
Yes, you can edit your website easily without any technical knowledge. You can add, delete and update content on your website. I’ll provide you complete guide lines.
If there is an issue after the project completion. will you resolve it?
Yes, I’ll try to fix ASAP. In addition, I’ll provide you 30 days free support.
Will my website be SEO Friendly?
Yes, basic structure of your website will be SEO Friendly.
Do you provide revisions?
Yes, we provide multiple revisions within scope of the project. Your 100% satisfaction is our first priority.
Do you provide support after completion of the job?
Yes, we will always help you.

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